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[编号] JC-Y-H-Y-19040011
[尺寸] 重量:约24g
[分类] 杂项精品


Amber is a transparent bio-fossil。 It is a resin fossil of Pinaceae, Piceae, Cedariaceae and other plants。 Resin dropping, buried in the ground for tens of millions of years, under the action of pressure and heat, petrochemical formation, strange anomaly。 Amber has a variety of shapes, the surface and interior often retain the original resin flow when the grain, very precious。 Amber was born 40 million to 60 million years ago。 It belongs to the so-called "Eocene century" in geology。 It is a precious pine resin that undergoes high pressure and high heat extrusion of the earth's rock formations and produces metamorphic fossils。




Amber, known as "Jin" or "Yiyu" in ancient China, is legendary as the soul of tigers, so it is also called "Tiger Spirit". Amber has been regarded as a precious treasure since ancient times, because it comes from pine resin, and pine trees symbolize longevity in China, so people also have more love for amber.




This optimized amber weight: about 24g, exquisite and light, tender and meticulous touch. The optimum amber color is light purple, and the variety is very rare. Grease luster, crystal clear. Some ambers do not need to be ignited and burned. They can release charming rosin odor with a little touch. They have the effect of calming the mind and are widely used as religious objects.




Many ancient legends contain the Chinese ancients'speculation and pursuit of amber, suggesting that people think amber has the function of seeking good fortune and avoiding evil and calming the mind of the town. In the Middle Ages, European doctors prescribed amber for ulcers, migraines, insomnia, food poisoning, jaundice, infertility, malaria, asthma, tuberculosis, tumors and other diseases. In Czarist Russia, it was believed that wearing amber necklaces could keep sickness away from themselves and children, while pregnant women wearing amber necklaces could keep their babies safe and facilitate smooth delivery. In the nineteenth century, we can almost find records of amber treatment of various diseases. Therefore, people are not only addicted to the exquisite and beautiful appearance of amber, but also deeply popular because of its extraordinary value.