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[编号] JC-Y-H-Y-19050017-1
[尺寸] 重量:约1630g
[分类] 杂项精品


Ziyu agate has a vast history, "Xiaobei with Xuanbei, Zhou people with purple stone, later generations or money, knife cloth." According to legend, purple green agate is the infuriating of Taishang Laojun, "with the real people soaring, The food is long-lasting." I think that taking Ziyu can absorb the purple essence of Taishang Laojun's remains, and it is not old.

pk10注册古代以紫玛瑙为祥瑞之物。《宋书·符瑞志下》:“黄银紫玉,王者不藏金玉,则黄银紫玉光见深山。” 《文心雕龙·正纬》:“白鱼赤鸟之符,黄金紫玉之瑞。”

In ancient times, purple agate was used as auspicious. "Song Shu Fu Rui Zhi Xia": "Yellow silver purple jade, the king does not hide gold jade, then the yellow silver purple jade light sees the deep mountains." "Wen Xin Diao Long · Zheng Wei": "White fish red bird symbol, gold purple jade Rui Rui."



There are several different places of origin for Ziyu Agate, but the production is rare, the original stone is cracked, it is difficult to engrave large parts, mostly small pieces such as beads。 Usually 30 grams or more is very rare。 The material is prolific in the depths of the deep mountains under the depth of forty meters, the color is pure and rich, the texture is fine, the color is purple and green, and it has a good gel texture and freezing feeling。



Color aggregation, individual ice color transparent color, color is separated, rich in change。 However, due to its difficulty in mining, high risk of mining, and government policy restrictions, few people have been exploited。 Currently, most of the market is stocked, so prices have been rising。 Its origin is roughly Zhejiang, Yanyuan, Fujian, Shaanxi and other places。 In terms of market and jade effect, Zhejiang's purple jade agate is better。



Purple jade agate, also called purple agate. The ancient name is "Ziyu", the texture is oily, saturated and rich, and it is tough and delicate. It has always been the first choice for high-grade jade carving since ancient times. Its color is thick and not sauce, bright and not demon, has always been the first of nine colors, the respect of the hundred jade.