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[编号] JC-T-G-Z-19050025
[尺寸] 直径:3.9cm 重量:约26.9g
[分类] 杂项精品

Guangxu Yuanbao was the first circulation currency in Guangxu year of the Great Qing Dynasty。 It was the first circulation currency to import overseas technology。 It was first introduced by Zhang Zhidong, Governor of Hubei and Guangzhou to mint silver and copper yuan by British coin machine。 Later, the provinces followed suit, purchasing foreign machinery foundry, and inscribing provincial names on its front and upper edges。 In 1899, the Qing government wanted to recover the coinage right of Beiyang Mint, which was preserved by Ronglu and other ministers。 After several setbacks, the number of Guangxu Yuan Bao minted by Beiyang Mint is small, and the number of other Yuan Bao circulated in the world is also small。 With the passage of time, a large number of Guangxu Yuan Bao made in Beiyang Mint are also lost。

此币直径:3.9cm 重量:约26.9g,是中国所有龙洋图案银元(包括国外发行的所有银币)中,工艺最为精湛,雕工最为完美,浮雕感最为强烈的品种,镜面平整光滑,纹饰的相惯线(相惯线——现代机械制图学术语,即平面与平面、平面与曲面及曲面与曲面之间的交线。)显得非常清晰,特别是户部一两系列银币铸造精美,字口、纹路和边齿深峻,完全是国外铸造的样币风格。作为准备流通的货币(尽管没有流通),其暗记防伪更是前无古人后无来者,无可匹敌,钱币表面的包浆醇厚,极具观赏性,让收藏家们爱不释手。

The coin has a diameter of 3。9cm and a weight of about 26。9g。 It is the most exquisite of all Longyang pattern silver yuan in China (including all silver coins issued abroad)。 The carver is the most perfect and the relief is the strongest。 The mirror surface is smooth and smooth。 The line of inertia of decoration (line of inertia-modern mechanical drawing academic term, that is, the intersection between plane and plane, plane and surface, and surface and surface and surface。 Line。 It is very clear, especially the exquisite casting of one or two series of silver coins in the household, with deep words, lines and sharp edges。 It is the style of foreign coins。 As the currency ready for circulation (although not circulated), its secret anti-counterfeiting is unparalleled, unparalleled, the surface of the coin is mellow, very ornamental, let collectors love it。


Guangxu Yuanbao is very few in the world. Antique relics are rare and precious. The treasure is natural, well preserved and of clear texture. It is one of the rare treasures of Guangxu Yuan Bao. Each historical stage in our country has its own unique monetary form, which more or less reflects the social background and cultural characteristics of an era. The development of Beiyang Guangxu Yuanbao reflects the progress and retreat of China's monetary policy in the late Qing Dynasty. It records a historical turbulence and has a certain historical significance for today. It is favored by collectors and has become the focus of many buyers.