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[编号] JC-T-G-Z-19050024
[尺寸] 口径:23cm 足径:12cm 高:6.5cm 重量:约705g
[分类] 杂项精品


Copper basin is a container made of copper, which was popular from Shang Dynasty to Warring States Period. Copper is one of the earliest metals used by human beings. As early as prehistoric times, people began to excavate open-pit copper mines and use the obtained copper to make weapons, utensils and other utensils. The copper basin was used as a utensil to carry on its function at that time, and it was often used in daily life. The use of copper had a far-reaching impact on the progress of early human civilization, and also reflected the wisdom of the working people at that time.

此铜盆组合口径:23cm 足径:12cm 高:6。5cm 重量:约705g,是铜勺与铜盆结合的精品,具有年代感。铜盆圆且不浅,纹路清晰,盆边缘有四小圆孔,独具特色。勺是古代中国人发明的从盛酒器中舀酒的器具,此勺为铜制,形如有曲柄的小斗,后经长期发展演化为当今人们广泛使用的各类勺子。其用途主要用来盛舀汤、饭等液体类食物、流食。铜勺尾端留有一孔,做工精致。全身光素无纹,炉色稳重深沈,腹部金光灿烂,匀净醇美。造型周正简约,线条优美流畅,严合尺度。

This copper basin combination caliber: 23cm foot diameter: 12cm high: 6.5cm weight: about 705g, is a combination of copper spoon and copper basin, with a sense of age. The copper basin is round and not shallow, with clear lines and four small round holes at the edge of the basin, which is unique. The spoon was invented by the ancient Chinese to ladle wine from the winemaker. It was made of copper and shaped like a small bucket with a crank. After a long period of development, it has evolved into various kinds of spoons widely used today. Its use is mainly used to ladle soup, rice and other liquid food, liquid food. There is a hole at the end of the copper spoon, which is exquisite in workmanship. The whole body is smooth and grainless, the furnace color is steady and deep, the abdomen is bright and golden, and it is even and mellow. Modeling is simple, graceful and smooth lines, strictly in line with the scale.


pk10注册Although the collection of copper pots and spoons has undergone the baptism of years and the precipitation of history, they are still preserved relatively intact, with very little stock, and have very high ornamental, historical research value and collection value. The collection with a sense of time reflects the long river of history and the passage of time, as if it was a step closer to the understanding and understanding of the era at that time. It is precisely because of its extremely scarce stock, the market value will continue to improve, by the vast majority of Tibetan friends welcome.