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[编号] JC-T-G-Z-19050021
[尺寸] 口径:41.5cm 足径:29.5cm 高:7cm 重量:约3675g
[分类] 瓷器精品


Blue and white is a kind of white ground blue under-glaze color porcelain, which is clear, simple and elegant, and the decoration is not easy to fall off. Flowers twined leaves and branches, like dancing with the wind, light and unrestrained, appear interesting. Yongle and Xuande in Ming Dynasty are the golden age of blue and white production in China. Xuande blue and white is characterized by bright color, heavy brush is blue-gray silver. Zhang Yingwen of the Ming Dynasty praised Xuande's blue and white pottery in his Qing Secret Collection. Blue and white people, are unprecedented, for a generation of excellent products. This shows the important position of Xuande blue and white in the history of Chinese ceramics. It is not easy to preserve it until now, and it is precious to those who know it. The twisted pattern is one of the traditional patterns in ancient China, and it is the most common pattern on porcelain. With the branches or vines of plants as the skeleton, it extends upward, downward, left and right, forming two or four continuous wavy lines, circulating and changing constantly. Twisted twig lotus, twisted tree peony, twisted twig grass vine belong to this category. The twisted pattern is one of the important decorative patterns of Chinese ancient art works, which implies endless and lasting good wishes for thousands of generations.


此青花缠枝花卉盘口径:41.5cm 足径:29.5cm 高:7cm 重量:约3675g, 色调清雅明朗,花卉枝叶缠绕,似随风舞动,轻盈潇洒,显得意趣横生。此盘工艺精湛,绘画精细,纹饰描绘盘曲迂回,线条舒展柔美。内盘缠枝枝干柔和纤秀,舒展流畅,变化丰富,形态各异,疏密有致,环环绽放,美不胜收。整体构图饱满,胎质洁白细腻,釉面光润。花卉丰富,层层环绕,生动活泼,潇洒自然。

This blue-and-white twisted flower tray caliber: 41。5 cm foot diameter: 29。5 cm high: 7 cm weight: about 3675 g, elegant and clear tone, twisted flowers and leaves, like dancing with the wind, light and unrestrained, appears interesting。 This dish is exquisite in craftsmanship, fine in painting, and its ornamentation depicts a circuitous and flexible line。 The twisted branches in the inner disk are soft, delicate, smooth, varied, various in shape, dense and compact, with beautiful rings blooming。 The overall composition is full, the fetus is white and delicate, and the glaze is glossy。 Flowers are rich, surrounded by layers, lively and natural。



This blue-and-white twisted flower dish is open, shallow arc belly, circle foot. Fine decoration. Flowers are painted with chord patterns. Simple shape, blue and white hair color calm, exquisite painter, clear and bright decoration, elegant and pleasant, with auspicious implications, is particularly valuable. Blue and white twisted flower pans bear the civilization of different regions, which confirms the ups and downs of the past dynasties. It has high preservation value and appreciation space.