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[编号] JC-A-P-P-19040033
[尺寸] 直径:3.9cm 重量:约26.8g
[分类] 杂项精品


Tuan chi-jui as the republic of China governing commemorative silver COINS to the modern period of the republic of China, one of the famous portraits warlord silver by tianjin mint in 13 years (1924) of the republic of China casting, in November to mark in the northern warlords tuan chi-jui pushed for political and military power in commanding the temporary government of the republic of China governing. Positive cast tuan chi-jui bust a suit like silver, engrave on regular script "republic of China governing COINS" nine words, on the back of the central engrave the seal character "peace" 2 words, with golden harvest of the figure. The denarii no value and calendar text, engraved with one yuan coin the same shape and weight.


Tuan chi-jui (1865-1936), native of yingshan county in anhui province south river town of tile temple hanging about. Formerly known as qi rui, word cheese springs, later the way the old man. During li yuanhong as President in 1917, the beiyang government "fu yuan" by li was forced to dismissal, tuan chi-jui was inaugurated as the premier of the state council of the end, on the actual power to power the beiyang government of the republic of China.

此执政纪念币直径:3.9cm 重量:约26.8g。打制深峻,工艺精湛。币面主图段祺瑞西装正面像,上环书“中华民国执政纪念 币”。币背嘉禾环绕篆书“和平”二字,外围左右各铸一“嘉禾”纹饰,这反映了当时人民之心声,向望“和平”之意。此币是“段祺瑞”就任民国执政时用于馈赠参加其就职典礼时各界嘉宾的,其意彰显出他的执政理念是顺应民意所求“和平”的象征。直齿边,挺直深峻,干脆利落。图像 文字清晰,须发逼真,衣袂挺直,立体感极强。近完全未使用品,极具收藏价值。

The ruling COINS diameter: 3.9 cm weight: 26.8 g. Making deep, exquisite workmanship. BiMian main photo tuan chi-jui suit as positive, ring on the book "the republic of China governing commemorative COINS. Money back golden harvest around the seal character "peace" 2 words, peripheral cast a "golden harvest" around each grain, this reflects the feelings of the people at that time, to look at the meaning of "peace". This money is "tuan chi-jui" became the republic of China governing for gift to attend the inauguration of guests from all walks of life, which reflect his ruling concept is popular government wants the symbol of "peace". Straight tooth edge, straight deep, flat and agile. Image text clear, weigh, lifelike, attire straight, stereo sense is very strong. Almost did not make the products completely, extremely collection value.


It is understood that the ruling COINS for casting line quantity is small, and is a precious metal COINS, increasingly exclusivity, market prices, and still have appreciation potential, is a collection difficult market, thanks to its unique exquisite casting technology. So this is a good quality, currently on the market only a also extremely scarce tuan chi-jui like the republic of China governing COINS is difficult to estimate the great appreciation of space, extremely collection value.