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[编号] JC-A-P-P-19040032
[尺寸] 长:34cm 宽:25.8cm 重量:约1725g
[分类] 杂项精品


Over the past few decades, before and after the people's bank of China, a total of five sets of RMB notes, which, in the first set of the most precious. The first set of RMB is on December 1, 1948 by the newly established the only legal tender of the printing of the headquarters of Chinese people. Victory in 1947 people's liberation army (PLA) has been made, because of all the liberated areas between currencies, monetary value is not fixed, cause economic development and trade barriers, in order to meet the needs of the development of the situation, the liberated areas further unification currency, on December 1, 1948 in shijiazhuang city, hebei province, the people's bank of China. First issued a unified RMB at the same time, this is the people's bank of China set up the first set of RMB issued.


In pattern on the subject matter, choice, textile industry, agriculture, business, traffic, transportation, factories and mines, such as the economic construction and social patterns of people's life, reflects the first set of real historical significance, status and role of the yuan, vivid display China's liberation and the people in the early years of the founding of the political, cultural, social, life, make people enjoy under the leadership of the communist party, the Chinese people of all ethnic groups work together, hard work, self-reliance, construction of new China, the new society in full passion. "Buffalo figure", "a rough figure", "sailing map", "horse figure of drinking water" and "ger" is the people known as the bottle. First set of RMB, COINS don't complicated, there are 12 kinds of 62 kinds of bottle, the first name in the yuan currency, a lot of collection is regarded as a boutique CangJie, like "belly four Jane" and "twelve treasures" are famous in coin collecting rare collectibles.


The first set of RMB as fathers, in the history of Chinese COINS as "cultural relic" contains the historical value, its historical value and artistic value by collectors and investors around the world, in this paper, the set of RMB for stored properly, quality perfect, are rare. According to relevant media reports (qilu evening news), China's first set of market value in 2013 reached 4 million yuan!