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[编号] JC-A-P-P-19040028
[尺寸] 高:58cm 重量:约3845g
[分类] 杂项精品


Aroma stove, is a unique species, bronze in ancient China ancient bronze aroma stove is art, and deeply engraved on the traditional auspicious culture. In the bronze collection categories, aromatherapy furnace because of the casting is excellent, the craft is exquisite, modelling of primitive simplicity and elegant, practical and artistic at a suit, be loved by people of antique works of art. The copper incense burner is one of the most important category of cultural relics of China during the Ming and qing dynasties, is also a bright pearl of craft art history.


To be sure, in the late Bronze Age, noble life appliance, has seen copper incense burner. In the qin and han dynasties, the iron is widely used in manufacturing production tools and weapons, bronze casting more used for the display of luxury goods and life appliance, which promote the development of copper incense burner bright. Copper incense burner, with its unique cultural characteristics of the backpack, has high artistic value, practical value and collection value investment.


In this paper, the dragon pattern carve gold fragrance, the modelling of primitive simplicity and elegant, elegant qi, history culture is profound, made of brass fine carver is exquisite, models and chic, from technology research also has a very high point on the hollow out of incense smoke curled up when out from side, very artistic conception. To identify with the ancients, and identity in the present, can identify with modern aromatherapy furnace. Has the very high artistic quality and collection value.


In recent years, the Ming and qing dynasties copper furnace is more and more sought after by collectors, especially from famous old Tibet more market appeal。 In 2010 spring auction, of Chinese Ming dynasty gold shop animal heads bit ring alms bowl type copper furnace is the high price of 3。02 million, is a gourmet furnace; Autumn sales in December first "kam ash JiJin - Wang Shixiang hidden special copper furnace" on a price with 15。12 million yuan, once again break the world record for Chinese copper furnace auction。 Furnace of copper sages "gold", has always been to even after the foundation of copper furnace。 From the point of culture and art, ancient aroma stove is undoubtedly the most worthy of attention。