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[编号] JC-A-P-P-19040031
[尺寸] 口径:9cm 足径:15cm 高:49cm重量:约4000g
[分类] 杂项精品


Shen De Tang is located in the west of Qingzhou, Kyushu, in the Yuanmingyuan Park in Beijing. It is a group of buildings in the park. It was built in the Daoguang Decade (1830) and was completed the following year. It is the main living place of Daoguang Emperor in the Palace of the Yuanmingyuan. He lived mainly here in his later years and died in the 30th year of Daoguang (1850). The "Chendetang" porcelain is a kind of official kiln in the Daoguang period. It is a famous porcelain made by Jingdezhen. Chen Liu's "Tao Ya" said that "Chen De Tang is a top-grade product in Daoguang Kiln, which is enough to be beautiful. The white of texture, the essence of color painting is in the middle of the room."1.jpg


Shendetang system is made of exquisite porcelain. The bottom of the utensils is made of the red color and the side of the book, Shendetang system. It is comparable to other porcelains at the same time, and the book of the same period is Daqing Daoguang. Compared with the artifacts of the section, the current collection of the Beijing Museum Museum has 357 pieces of porcelain, including 298 pieces of Qing dynasty, which were burned and lost after being used in the hall.2.jpg


This gold-plated silver dragon-shaped bottle is decorated with traditional meticulous pastels. Three flying dragons roll in the clouds, vivid and powerful, full of color and full of meaning. It is also from the details of the real chapter, gold on each scale of the dragon pattern, gold on the gold, I think that every dragon is golden, silver and dazzling, but unfortunately because of the age, now the gold on the scales Oxidation darkens, silver is black, but still exudes the brilliance of the past. The bottle is delicate, the enamel is fat, the strokes are delicate and delicate, the lines are smooth, and the color is well preserved. The "Chendetang system" is not available during the Qing Dynasty. A high-quality work with a high collection value.3.jpg


It is worth mentioning that the porcelain of Shen Detang in the Qing Dynasty is mainly composed of colored porcelain, such as white ground pastel, yellow ground pastel, green ground pastel and red painted gold。 There are also a small number of blue and white glazed porcelain, such as white glaze, yellow glaze, green glaze and so on。 Its main shape is porcelain for life, and the decorative theme of the utensils is mainly composed of flowers, birds, beasts and characters that symbolize auspicious。 The common patterns are ganoderma lucidum, eight-treasure, entangled lotus, bluegrass, and cloud crane。 Cloud bat pattern, cloud dragon pattern, flower butterfly pattern, five bat holding life pattern, baby play pattern, eight immortal character pattern, eighteen arhats and so on。 Colorful and beautiful, beautiful。