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[编号] JC-A-P-P-19040031
[尺寸] 口径:20.6cm 足径:13cm 高:4.5cm重量:约425g
[分类] 杂项精品

pk10注册       The porcelain of Chenghua period is the peak of the history of porcelain burning in Jingdezhen, China. The most important achievement is the successful firing of Dou Cai. The Chenghua Dou Cai is decorated with bright colors such as underglaze and glaze, red, yellow, green and purple. There is a glaze under the glaze color to compete for beauty, nicknamed fighting color. The Chenghua Dou color tires are light and light, exquisite and exquisite, glazed and sleek, the picture is fresh and elegant, and the colors are full of enthusiasm. Each piece is a perfect product.



      In the Chenghua period, the official kiln production and its stress, the most prestigious with the color of the fighting, the first to describe the outline of the decorative pattern on the white porcelain tire with blue and white fine lines, the glaze into the kiln after firing at a high temperature of about 1300 degrees The carcass, then filled with red, green and yellow pigments to fill the reserved blue pattern, and then into the kiln at low temperature roasting, the finished product can see the blue and white lines are fine and vigorous, the color scheme is slightly proportional, the color matching is harmonious and elegant, quite The law, colorful, and radiant, is cherished by the world.



The number of Chenghua Dou Cai is small, most of which are in the hands of the Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum, Taipei National Palace Museum, British Museum, Metropolitan Museum and some private collectors. The world can currently circulate less than 5 pieces, 1999 At the Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong in April, a Chenghua Dou Cai Chicken Cylinder Cup was sold for HK$29.17 million. On April 8, 2014, Hong Kong Sotheby's Spring Auction, a Chenghua Dou Cai The chicken cylinder cup was sold at HKD 218.124 million. Since then, there has been no record of Chenghua Dou Cai. The real thing of Chenghua Dou Cai has truly become a rare treasure in the major auctions.


    This Chenghuadou coloring gold dragon pattern plate, the white color of the tire is white, and the part of the tire is sticky to the fine sand, which is like the black sesame paste sticking to the white tire. It is commonly known as the bottom of the rice, the diameter of the disk is 20 cm, the tire is thin and thin, and the carcass is beautiful. Light, illuminating perspective is white, glaze is slightly flashing green, enamel is fat, moist like gelatin, smooth and smooth like jade, like baby skin, and has a subtle sense of absorption, the heart is red painted a dragon, the wall is red Green and yellow three dragons circling and dancing, and its rare, its color material is a typical Chenghua mineral color material, red color is like chicken blood, pure natural, glaze layer is thin, there are dark and light changes, thick and dark red, light and slight flashes Yellow, no open film, yellow color bright open film, delicate and clear, under the magnifying glass, the edge of the open film can be seen up, there are irregular grainy shrink marks, yellow color spots inside the spot, golden light flashes, green color texture is heavy, the glue texture is very Strong, clear and translucent, slightly flashing yellow when the light is soft, slightly flashing blue when the light is bright, the green glaze embossing the glaze, the thick and convex feeling, the irregular color of the magnifying glass and the colored glaze have irregular radial shrink marks and particles Shrink marks, and the purple color published by the Forbidden City The microscopic map is similar, this color glaze is unique to Chenghua Dou Cai, and the other glazed glazes of various generations do not have this feature. The gold color is oxidized and falls off seriously, and it is related to the age. This plate is flawless and has excellent appearance. It is a fine product in Chenghua Dou Cai, and it is also a treasure of the ages. The collection value cannot be estimated.