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[编号] JC-A-P-P-19030023
[尺寸] 重量:约2.36kg
[分类] 杂项精品


Meteorites are scattered the beauty of nature, is silent poetry, the immortality of the painting, all through the ages many scholars has close relationship with the meteorite, meteorites, known as "day foreign stone". According to statistics, every year to fall to the earth the meteorites are countless, but most of the meteorite crashed into the ocean and desert, awareness and collected by people is very little, few, a rough statistics, each year about 500 meteorite crashed into the earth, can find only 20, therefore extremely rare and expensive.


These alien stone "day" has a very important research value, because of his strange shape and comes from the universe, added a bit more mystery, become people rushed to collection and ornamental. Collection meteorites began in the early 1990 s, China is booming in recent years. Due to the huge economic value inherent in meteorites, buying meteorites difficult, expensive and purchasing process by led to a meteorite deal "would not be openness".


First saw this pallasite, we have to sigh with emotion nature guifushengong, color ink black shiny, creamy olive shape, appearance is wrapped in a layer of oxide layer (armored), dignified and thick, like nature itself; The distribution of many large and small gas seal surface, seems to tell us how it through thousand hammer chisel, fire burn us to survive; And there are a variety of shapes of groove, called the weld groove, and there is very eye-catching melt flow of these because it is in the process of falling and atmospheric friction burns. The pallasite under high power magnifying glass observation, there is a clear crystal particles, either by weight or is rare historical value and scientific value, appreciation potential is infinite. Collection of meteorites in Taiwan in recent years, the Hong Kong market heats up, the price of meteorites also have multiplied in a year.


"Meteorites are increasing are indisputable facts. This is inherent in it is the inevitable result of natural culture and humanistic culture, really good meteorites scarce, inheritance and orderly, has the virtue of, is not the result of people on the spur of the moment and hype. At present, the price of the meteorite stays at a relatively reasonable range. But, with the constant attention of the media, an explosion of people interested in meteorites, and the true meteorites stock on the market, which leads to the shortage of it in a small scale, so the meteorite the future market price will rise."



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